Food Marketing Solutions Incorporates Your GS1 Images and Data into Your Omni-Channel Digital Shelf Marketing Focus

At Food Marketing Solutions, we gather all product specification data on all of your current product offerings. There are 151 product attributes necessary for the GS1 images and data initiative.

Working with manufacturer’s Quality Assurance Departments, Sales Departments and Marketing Departments, we review and ensure they have the correct data and messaging on all manufactured products.

  • Data examples Include:
    • Product Description
    • Product Pack Size
    • Packaging Material Utilized
    • Nutritional Information
    • Ingredients and Diet Claims
    • Allergens
    • Prep and Handling
    • Digital Assets
    • Country of Origin

 Photography Services on

All GS1 SKU Products

Food Marketing Solutions assists our customers in ensuring all product SKU’s are professionally photographed according to GS1 Image Standards, utilizing GS1 and Amazon product image specifications.

With multiple professional photography studios across the nation, we have you covered in more ways than one.

  • Phoenix, Arizona
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Portland, Oregon
  • Minneapolis, Minnesota
  • Seattle, Washington

All product images are produced to show all key product attributes including images of Closed Case, Open Case, Inner Pack and Raw Product Forms.

In addition, many customers choose to have our food stylist create professionally styled and plated shots at the same time.

Here are some examples of GS1 Image Product Photography and our Styled Shot upgrade feature

Make Your Products and Images Visible to Current and Potential Trade Partners

Food Marketing Solutions works with all GS1 Data Pool Provider platforms, to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their GS1 initiative.

All of your product SKU’s with supporting images are migrated Into the data pool provider of your choice.

Clean data and compliant images are uploaded and managed by Food Marketing Solutions on a daily basis.


  Publish Your Products for Optimal Visibility to a Variety of Recipients

Food Marketing Solutions ensures all product SKU’s are published to a pre-determined data recipient for enhanced product visibility to all of your trading partners.

Working with your preferred Data Pool Provider, Food Marketing Solutions publishes to foodservice distribution and retail recipients in accordance with your market strategy.

Food Marketing Solutions manages all data and images to ensure compliance with all recipients. When a data recipient notifies you with a scorecard of non-compliance, simply notify Food Marketing Solutions, and we will ensure your products become compliant.

  Our Customers Enhance their GS1 Initiative by Utilizing all e-Commerce Platforms

Not only is your companies products and images in the GS1 GDSN we go an additional step and upload all product data and images into other omni-channels for increased product awareness on enhanced sales.

Food Marketing Solutions works with all major e-Commerce platforms and digital media platforms to enhance the overall communication, resulting in increased sales of your products.

We Help Our Customers Propagate Their Product Data and Images onto their Website and a Variety of Social Media Channels 

Food Marketing Solutions migrates all your product information and images into our “One2One Social Media Platform”, so social media content can be created in advance and communicate directly to your audience.

With our One2One Social Media Platform, one post can be delivered to all social media channels on a set calendar format, to ensure continual engagment with your audience.