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“Marketing food products in today’s environment, means to embrace the innovative technology all while holding true to the core values of traditional proven concepts. When the two elements are merged together a truly long term successful marketing strategy is secured.”

Scott Isaacs


About Food Marketing Solutions

Driving Food Industry Success Through Innovative Solutions

Food Marketing Solutions has had the opportunity to work closely with food manufacturers and distributors for the past 25 years. With in-depth knowledge in all aspects of the food industry supply channel, we have successfully launched and managed sales and marketing plans to enhance supply chain efficiencies, profitability and customer retention for a variety of food companies across the nation. 

With our industry and technology experienced staff we have launched some of the most innovative programs and services within the food industry over the years. The staff at Food Marketing Solutions are all top in their field of expertise from photography, consulting, technology, graphic design, to understanding complex product data management ensures our clients a comfort in knowing their projects are conducted to highest level of success.

When experience, creativity and innovation counts, we invite you to experience Food Marketing Solutions.

Food Marketing Solutions Founded

food marketing solutions

Founder Scott Isaacs brought his experience in sales and marketing executive roles within Foodservice Distribution, Food Brokerage, Food Manufacturing and Group Purchasing Organizations. FMS was founded to build and execute supplier funded Annual Marketing Plans for independent foodservice distributors nationwide. Producing not only sales and marketing consultive services, but a suite of products such as: Distributor Food Show Books, Distributor Flyers, Sales Meeting Support and a host of special projects.

One2One Margin Management Introduced

one 2 one digital marketingBringing the power of technology to the foodservice distribution industry, FMS invented and created one of the most successful marketing strategies for the Distributor Sales Representatives (DSR). Building a web-based platform to give DSR’s the ability to build personal account flyers with pricing adjustments, proved to enhance profit margins and overall sales performance of featured supplier products. The One2One Margin Management platform is utilized by some of the largest broadline distributors in the United States.

Food Manufacturing Branding Focus Introduced

food marketing solutionsWith the addition of enhanced technology in graphic arts, food photography and consultive services to the food manufacturing industry was introduced. With our expertise in trade spend management, distribution agreements, and Group Purchasing Organizations (GPO) and broker alignment agreements, our food manufacturing clients experience a direct positive impact on the profitability for their organizations.

FoodNet Exchange Introduced

foodnet exchangeTo answer the call from foodservice operators and food manufactures on processing rebate dollars, FMS identified the need to build a software solution that would operate like a bank account platform. Creating an alliance with one of the nation’s largest financial institutions, the FoodNet Exchange debit card was implemented to give foodservice operators instant access to funds being paid from participating suppliers. Food manufacturers experience a clear line of site of the foodservice operators purchasing their brands and the level of support they are gaining.

Social Foodshow Introduced

Social Food ShowMany years prior to the pandemic, FMS introduced one of the first virtual foodshow platforms for suppliers and foodservice operators. The technology includes social integration from the attendees to the exhibitors in live and message board platforms.

GS1 Strategy Introduction

gs1 imagesWith the request from current client partners, FMS turned our current food photography studios into production driven GS1 Product Image Development. By utilizing software development in file naming conventions and photography procedures, we are able to produce large amounts of SKU’s for our supplier partners. Along with implementing the GS1 Product Image development, FMS created a Data Compliance Department that assists our clients in data synchronization working with all data pool provider platforms.

iFoodIQ Introduction

ifoodiqWorking with our internal software developers and industry developers, FMS created a full food traceability platform within the seafood category. The software not only brings traceability from the vessel to the consumer, it informs the consumer on the people behind the product. Showcasing the hardest workers in the food industry, consumers can know where their food is sourced and most importantly the people producing the product.

and beyond...

food marketing solutionsFood Marketing Solutions will continue to research and develop new innovative technology platforms to enhance the sales and marketing strategies for our clients. With a full line of service offerings any new client has the ability to utilize the tools we have built that best fits in gaining their target audience to bring brand awareness and of course increased sales and profitability.

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