GS1 Product Image Photography for Foodservice Companies

Just as technology and e-Commerce have changed the way products are bought and sold to consumers around the globe, the same technologies have changed the way products are marketed and communicated.

In the New Era of Food Marketing, manufacturers have ability to market directly to their customer base and educate buyers in a host of media channels.

To accomplish this, we capitalize on the GS1 technology, Product Image Photography solutions, e-Commerce platforms, digital marketing, search engine optimization, social media marketing and online visibility tools to create solid profitable sales for our customers.

We invite you to explore some of our services and strategies we offer to enhance your products awareness in the New Era of Food Marketing!

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Food Marketing Solutions Assists Our Customers in Establishing a Solid GS1 Initiative

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Understanding and utilizing the technology in GS1 will bring product data attributes, product images and traceability to all your current and future trading partners.

GS1 started in 1974 with the invention of the bar code. In 2009, GS1 implemented the GS1 Foodservice Initiative to improve efficiencies, accuracy and visibility to the foodservice supply chain.

With top-tier distributors, group purchasing organizations, and large foodservice operators adopting the GS1 Foodservice initiative, the importance of having your products visible to these trading partners is now just as important as a bar code on a retail product.

Food Marketing Solutions assists our customers in completely understanding the GS1 procedures and ensures accurate product data and high-quality product images.



Product Data & Specs

At Food Marketing Solutions, we gather all product specification data on all of your current product offerings. There are 151 product attributes necessary for the GS1 initiative.

Photography Services

Food Marketing Solutions assists our customers in ensuring all product SKU’s are professionally photographed, utilizing GS1 and Amazon product image specifications.

Trade Partner Visibility

Food Marketing Solutions works with all GS1 Data Pool Provider platforms, to ensure our customers are getting the most out of their GS1 initiative.

Distributor Visibility

Working with your preferred Data Pool Provider, Food Marketing Solutions publishes to foodservice distribution and retail recipients in accordance with your market strategy.

e-Commerce Sales

Food Marketing Solutions works with all major e-Commerce platforms and digital media platforms to enhance the overall communication, resulting in increased sales of your products.

Online Visibility

With our One2One Social Media Platform, one post can be delivered to all social media channels on a set calendar format, to ensure continual engagment with your audience.

The New Era of Food Marketing

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Whether your company needs one or all of our services, Food Marketing Solutions is here to assist you in the New Era of Food Marketing.

Contact us today and discover how cost effective it is to take your product into the future with Food Marketing Solutions